“Collaboration and co-creation are critical components of our strategy. United we can leverage our resources to achieve far more”   Nicola Forrest, Minderoo CEO

Why we Partner

We partner because the issues are bigger than us.  We are passionate about partnerships because we know we cannot achieve parity for Indigenous Australians on our own and we know so much great work is already being done by others.

We are stronger if we work together.  Work with us to bridge the gap.


Partnership Qualities

GenerationOne works with others to harness mutual strengths. There are opportunities to collaborate, form strategic alliances, create joint ventures, or simply to consult.

Dollars do not define our partnerships. We seek to engage with organisations whose work aligns with our vision to create parity, and who are focused on measurable solutions.

Our partnerships recognise that to get the best results for Indigenous Australians, we need different approaches. It’s not thinking outside the box, it’s getting rid of the box altogether.

Catalytic Philanthropy

We are in the business of creating seismic change and have a core focus on measurable and sustainable prevention.

We use innovative approaches to minimise duplication and enhance the efforts of successful strategies.

Where there are gaps, we seek to partner with organisations that share our sense of purpose and commitment to creating a better future for Indigenous Australians.

Join our national network.

Email teaminbox@generationone.org.au

Our Partners

  • GradAustralia

    The GradAustralia GenOne partnership showcases the best opportunities by some of the leading businesses across the country committed to investing in the future of Indigenous Australians.

    gradaustralia logo
  • VTEC

    VTECs are designed to help you get a job, no matter where you are in life. They provide specific support for Indigenous Australians, regardless of your work experience, personal history or whether this will be your first job.

    VTEC logo

    GenOne is building it’s partnership network.  Watch this space.

    If you would to partner with us to create parity, send us an email at info@generationone.org.au