What is a VTEC?

VTECs are designed to help you get a job, no matter where you are in life. They provide specific support for Indigenous Australians, regardless of your work experience, personal history or whether this will be your first job.

Vocational Training & Employment Centres, or VTECs, connect Indigenous job seekers with guaranteed jobs and bring together the support services necessary to prepare job seekers for long-term employment.

VTECs work closely with employers who are committed to providing opportunities for First Australians and both the employer and the job seeker are supported by VTEC staff from the beginning.

The guarantee of a job before job-specific training starts is the key feature of VTECs. In other words, there is no training for training’s sake. If you do the training, you get the job.

VTECs are fully funded by the Australian Government and based on the GenerationOne employment model.

Obtaining a driver’s license
Literacy and Numeracy Training
Work Experience
Job Training

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