Creating Parity – The Forrest Review

In 2013 the Government asked Mr Andrew Forrest to undertake a Review of Indigenous Training and Employment Programmes. Mr. Forrest travelled around the country consulting with the public and listening to ideas about how to end the disparity in employment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Over 300 public submissions were made as part of the original consultations. The final report, Creating Parity – the Forrest Review, was released on 1 August 2014.

Creating Parity contains 27 recommendations that aim to end the disparity between Indigenous and other Australians. These recommendations are holistic and cover pre-natal services and education, training and employment services, housing and Indigenous land and the welfare system.

The Government is implementing a progressive roll-out of measures that address the recommendations in whole or in part and GenOne continues to work closely with both them and Indigenous communities. The full report can be found here.