What We Do

GenerationOne’s mission is to end the disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in our generation.

Our focus is on creating sustainable employment opportunities and reforming policies in accordance with recommendations from the Creating Parity Report.

Through our campaigns, we aim to break down stereotypes and negative opinions by sharing stories of success and opportunity. GenOne collaborates with and promotes other organisations that are doing good work in the fields of education and employment.


In 2008, the Australian Employment Covenant (AEC) was launched. Over 300 businesses used this momentous opportunity to commit employment opportunities to Indigenous Australians. The AEC was instrumental in beginning a national conversation about the responsibility of businesses to provide opportunities for Indigenous people to gain experience, training and meaningful employment and to build capacity to participate in the economy.

On 19 March 2010 former Prime Minister Hon Kevin Rudd MP launched GenerationOne, the most significant step ever taken to involve the entire Australian community in our shared commitment to Closing the Gap. GenOne launched a campaign that put Indigenous disparity at the forefront of Australian’s minds. A prime time national address was televised to highlight the differences in life outcomes and expectancy.

With the attention of the nation, GenOne built on its commitment to employment by establishing Vocational Training and Employment Centres (VTECs) in partnership with the Australian Government. VTECs are now in more than 28 locations across Australia and they have placed more than 7,500 Indigenous Australians into jobs.
In 2014, Andrew Forrest was commissioned by the Australian Government to to undertake a Review of Indigenous training and employment programmes.

The final report, Creating Parity – the Forrest Review was released on 1 August 2014 and contains 27 recommendations that aim to create parity between Indigenous and other Australians. These recommendations are broad – covering pre-natal services and education, training and employment services, housing and Indigenous land access and the welfare system.

The GenOne team continues to work closely with the Australian Government and Indigenous communities to inspire the seismic change that is required to address the ongoing disparity,

the campaigns that started it all...

Minderoo Foundation

GenerationOne is a key initiative of the Minderoo Foundation which was established by Andrew and Nicola Forrest in 2001.  Originally known as the Australian Children’s Trust, the Foundation’s work was based on the mandate to give a hand up, not a hand out and that ethos remains today. Since establishment the Foundation has supported over 250 initiatives across Australia and internationally in pursuit of a range of causes. Find out about the amazing work being done on a local, national and global scale here.

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We ask all Australians to join our movement by becoming a supporter so that this will be the last generation to experience the disparity.

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